Like a mirror

I’d like to tell you all where this short story came from, to give credit to a little girl who, a couple of years ago now, while waiting for the vaporetto on a rainy day by a Venetian canal, asked her father:

–Daddy, can you tell me why?

–Why what, my dear?

–Why is it not very blue?

“Why is it not very blue?” I had to turn to look at her. What a beautiful question! And, of course, all of us who were waiting at the vaporetto stop were dying to know what the little girl wanted to say. That was the moment that Come uno specchio came to life, which I wrote in Italy and kept in a drawer. Until now.

Today, so you can soak up the words one by one, we’ve translated them into English. Below you’ll find the original text in Italian and some of the story’s illustrations laid out as we wanted them. Naturally, the format can be adapted to suit the needs of your collection.

If you’re interested, we’d be delighted to talk about it.

Thank you very much!

The authors

     The colour of the sky (reflected in the water) influences, in part, the colour of the sea which, in fact, is one shade or another, if the sky is cloudy or if  it is blue.
–Daddy, can you tell me why?
–Why what, my darling?
–Why is it not very blue?
–Because water doesn’t have a colour it takes on the colour of what is around it.

Like a mirror.