The biggest in the world

The biggest in the world

How many stars are there in the sky?

I can count lots: one, two, three.

And how many hairs can you see on my head?

Ooh, there might be even more! Four, five and six.


And if you love me, will you give me lots of kisses?

Just one, but it will be the biggest in the world!


Collection in progress, aimed at early readers, to help children make sense of their surroundings: the family, animals, the seasons, feelings, friendship, school, the world where we live…

Idea for the collection:

–Board book with rounded edges.

–Small size for little hands.

–Format adjustable to the needs of the publisher.

–Small amount of text for gradual learning.

–Texts written by renowned authors.

–Simple images to enrich and complement the text.

–Universal themes for all tastes.

–Finished titles: Ah no! and The Biggest in the World!